Recently, a man from Ancaster went missing after he went on a a test drive with two men who wanted to buy his truck off of Kijiji. For days his wife, his two-year old daughter, his family and his friends all awaited his safe arrival. It never came.

Tim Bosma was recently found dead by the Hamilton police. His remains had been burned.

Two men  have stripped a wife of her husband, a two-year-old baby girl of her father, two parents of their loving  son and many friends and family of an individual for whom they cared for.

What was his mistake? Tim Bosma did nothing out of the ordinary to deserve such a thing. He was just the average man trying to sell his truck on Kijiji.

It’s a sad day when events like this one take place. Events that are unnecessary and inhumane. If there is one thought that won’t leave my mind, it is of his two year old daughter. I have a three year old sister who I love very dearly and it hurts me to think of what this young girl has to go through. How will she understand what has just happened? How will she cope with growing up knowing her father was taken away from her in such a way?

My condolences go out to Tim Bosma’s family and I pray that events like this dont happen in the future.


Yours Sincerely,


Kiran Matharu

Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013

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