It’s been a while since I’ve shared a poem with you all and I thought it was about time for another one. Interpret this poem however you wish for that is what poetry is for. Enjoy!

Secrets of the Willow

I sit beneath the willow tree.

The sun shines down upon the meadow,

But I’m in the shade

Protected from the harsh heat,

Protected from the burns of it’s glare.


My head leans back against the trunk.

I feel a branch caress my face.


Underneath the willow

The harsh winds become a soft gentle breeze.


I sit in a whole other world,

Full of warmth, comfort and bliss.

A world in which my secrets remain

Where I am free to speak what I wish,

To think what I please.


The long grass beneath my legs

Is a cushion,

Conforming to my every curve,

Making sure I am happy.


I water the tree,

Hoping to take care of it as it does me.

I listen to the whispers of the branches.


I listen to the long stories about its life,

I listen to the small worries of today,

I listen to its worries about the sun and the rain,

And the baby birds that have not yet learned to fly,

And the small tulips that are yet to blossom.


I immerse myself in this world,

Unwilling to leave,

Unable to leave,

It holds all my secrets,

And I hold all of its.

I have engulfed this world as my own

As if the branches of the willow have not only intertwined with my innards,

But have begun to blossom from my heart out of my chest

And wrap around the strong trunk of the willow

Protecting all our stories,

Protecting all our secrets,

Protecting our love.


The leaves have turned white

As if they were blossoms.


Sometimes I still hear the gasps of the people that walk by:

The children fearful of seeing such a display,

The adults unable to understand our world,

And those who were there to see it flourish.


But they mean nothing to me

Because me has finally become us

In our small secretive world behind the curtains of white

Our little secretive love affair.

By: Kiran Matharu


When I was younger, I was bullied. It carried on with me for a long time even when the bullies did not. Theatre and drama provided me with a whole new world, one where the bullying didn’t matter as much anymore. It was a place for me to find solace and comfort. I met people that changed my life for the better and made my days shine a little brighter. Drama is definitely a passion of mine, a very strong passion and I hope to remain intertwined with it for the rest of my life. It’s helped me become the person I am today: confident, creative and passionate.

I hope you all enjoyed this poem and were able to interpret it as whatever you wished. I hope you were able to escape to your own secretive world full of the people, places and things you love dearly. Let me know what you thought of the poem or your interpretation in the comments below. I love hearing from all of you!


Yours Sincerely,

Kiran Matharu

Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013

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