During my reign, I was given the honour of speaking at a conference held by Protecting Canadian Children. Protecting Canadian Children is a company that wishes to address the problems we have in our child welfare system. At the conference, I met many parents who had lost their children’s lives through the child welfare system. The individuals at this conference were definitely individuals who cared for the safety of children. Many of the stories that happened to these individuals could happen to anyone!

Just as there are good parents and bad parents there can be good foster parents and bad foster parents too.

They speak about how the child welfare system functions as a business and the rights parents should have over their children. Protecting Canadian Children is also full of parents still waiting for answers to why their children were taken, why they weren’t taken care of properly (having some cases result in death) and why some of them were treated with fraud to give up their children. If you’d like to learn more about Protecting Canadian Children visit their website by clicking this link.

Written by: Kiran Matharu
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