As humans we are compassionate beings that care deeply for the people closest to us. If my marketing company were given a $250 000 budget to create a 30 second commercial for Signature Towels I would focus on making an advertisment that not only suits the needs of the consumer but is also memorable.

Personalized towels make a very thoughtful gift as they show that someone has put a lot of thought into what they are sending you. There is a lot more sentiment attached to something that is personalized for you.

For children, a personalized item could also create an attachment. For little children, if they have a personalized bath towel, they will want to use it every time they bathe because it makes them feel special and unique.

In a family setting, a personalized bath towel is also a great gift for Mother’s Day when you may want to give your mother a spa day and even on birthdays. It’s a great gift for someone who’s going away such as on vacation or to university or college!

For this commercial, 5 actors will be required. A female adult to play the role of a mother, two young children, one male on female. Two teenagers to play the roles of the small children grown up.

Scene One:

The commercial opens up with a mother telling her kids that it’s bath time and we see a brother and sister run inside from the backyard as  the song “Mountain Sound – Of Monsters and Men” begins playing (instrumental or with the vocals). The scene cuts to the children grabbing their personalized bath towels with each of their names printed in the “kids” font that is avaliable. The little boys towel is Spruce coloured and the girls is Rose coloured.

Scene Two:

Opens up to the mother lying down in a reclining chair while her children treat her to an at home spa day. On a small table beside her is a “Bordeaux” coloured towel. The camera pans upon the towel that reads “We Love You” in and Edwardian font. We can assume her kids gave her the towel as a mother’s day gift or for a birthday along with a trip to the “spa”. The children are laughing and bustling about as the mother joins in with their laughter.

Scene Three:

We see a girl around the age of eighteen unpacking a suitcase in a dorm room from outside the door. We move in closer to see her face light up as she is going through the contents of her suitcase. The camera cuts to the inside of the suitcase where we find the same personalized bath towel from the first scene with the girl’s name on it. Attached to it is a card signed “From Mom and Dad” at the bottom. Tears well up in her eyes from the memories of being at home.

Scene Four:

We see the mother sitting in the living room on a couch. She appears to be sewng something into a pair of boxers as a laundry basket full of folded clothes sits beside her. As we move in closer we notice that she is sewing in the little boys name. The little boy, now a teenager walks in and stops when he sees what his mother is doing. The music abruptly stops as well and some dialogue begins between the two.

Son: MOM! What are you doing?

Mom: (turns towards son) Well, you always loved your Signature Towel so much I thought you would appreciate it if I put your name on some of your other stuff.

(There is a second of silence between the two before the son sighs out of embarassment walks out of the room. The mother continues personalizing his clothing. The music resumes from where it left off.)


After this scene, the commercial will cut to the Signature Towels logo and a narrator will say: “Signature Towels: The Perfect Gift for the Whole Family”

This commercial is great because it has a sentimental approach as well as a comedic approach which makes it memorable. It is also very family oriented and can suggest a gift idea for a loved one on various events throughout the year. Having messages as well as names also opens up the possibilities for personalized towel gifts and let’s the viewers know that.

Thank you to Signature Towels for sponsoring this blog assignment!


Yours Sincerely,

Kiran Matharu

Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013

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