Hope all of you are having a splendid summer so far! My pageant week so far has been full of adventure, excitement and chaos. It’s had its ups and downs but they have all been worth the experience. Meeting all 64 other contestants is beyond amazing as my unimpressive memory and I try our hardest to remember all their names. At the end of the day though, it’s less about remembering the girl’s names and more about remembering who they are. All the girls are intelligent, talented and glow with the drive to give this competition their all.

The week began with the welcome party! We met many of the official sponsors of Miss Teen Canada-World such as Schwarzkopf, the makers of Got2b, who were advertising their line of osis+, Pretty Sweet who had amazing cupcakes and Hi-Tec who gave each of the MTC-W girls free shoes! Free the Children was also there as the charity MTC-W donates to. Overall, it was an amazing welcome and the sponsors had so much to offer. The Pretty Sweet cupcakes were actually pretty sweet and the icing was completely unique from anything I have ever tasted before! Definitely something everyone needs to experience. They also gave us cookies to write our names on in edible marker!

On Sunday, all the girls had to complete their photoshoots, video interviews and interviews with the judges. It was a hectic day. All the girls had to first get makeup and hair done which, due to some mishaps, took almost ten hours! Thank you so much to all the hair and makeup artists who came out to help us and to the girls who got out their own curling irons and makeup to help all the girls who were still waiting. Without you all, the day wouldn’t have happened as it did.

I found the door to my house at the Distillery District. Look, it's just my size!

This morning, we had to be out the door at 5am to be on Breakfast Television. Talk about early, especially with such a chaotic day the night before! It was an amazing day though. It began with Breakfast Television and lead to a visit to the CN Tower, a scavenger hunt at the Distillery District, a shopping spree at Costa Blanca – a sponsor for Miss Teen Canada-World. The Distillery District is absolutely gorgeous. I definitely want to visit again someday. We ended the day by visiting Much Music and being on the show!

On Tuesday, all the girls headed out to Union Fit to workout with some yoga and then head back to the hotel for a long day of rehearsals. The days seemed to grow long but with every moment growing longer, there was more time to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Sitting next to the panda!

Wednesday was a very busy day again, starting at 6:30 sharp! We were standing outside our doors ready to head off on our adventures at the Toronto Zoo in our Hi-Tec shoes! We got to see the pandas and both were such majestic creatures. The exhibit was wonderful and explained a lot about pandas and the pens themselves as well. After this, we headed back to the hotel for some more rehearsing and then visited Medieval Times at Toronto Castle. The show was very intruiging and had jousts and fights between multiple knights. It was an interesting show with delicious food and I was lucky enough to meet the queen of the tournament!

The Queen of the Tournament

So as my pageant week is half over, we come to the part of the pageant week I have patiently been waiting for: the pageant! Thursday night is preliminaries where scores will be taken to determine top 20. The day after is Talent Night where I’ll be singing as my talent. I’ve had a cough for a while, so let’s hope I can make it through the whole song! Finally, on Saturday night the new Miss Teen Canada-World will be crowned. Every single girl in the competition has a kind heart and true intentions. I know that they will all make the most of it and try to make a difference in their country. Good luck to all my fellow pageant girls. This week has been a pleasure so far and meeting all these wonderful girls has made all of it even better.


Yours Sincerely,

Kiran Matharu

Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013

Written by: Kiran Matharu
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