I have always been one to marvel at historic sites. Not necessarily museums, but rather buildings and locations that have been preserved for many years and are still avaliable for people to see or become a part of. For example, in St. Catherines there is a carousel at Port Dalhousie that has been preserved over a hundred years and the price is still just 5 cents a ride! Also, in Hamilton, Dundurn castle is still open to the public to visit. Many people even hold their weddings there!

If I were able to go anywhere in the world, I would want to go to a country with a rich culture and a rich history. One with a unique language, delectable cuisine and gorgeous architecture; all masters at leaving the viewer in awe with the crave to return.

The brick and stone roads

Italy would be my first choice when deciding on where I could go if I could go anywhere in the world. The old brick or stone roads, the cafes, the essence of bargaining in the markets, the gondola rides in the one and only Venice, the lost empire of Rome and the old villas in Tuscany. I would definitely take with me my three best friends. They would enjoy the new atmosphere and the fresh culture of people who not only speak through a language but also through their gestures. Going on a trip with them to another country would be exhilertaing, full of lots of laughs and great for making memories to cherish for the rest of our lives. Italy is full of places worth sightseeing and full of a rich culture and history.

The beautiful city of Venice

The Food of Italy

The people in Italy love it when tourists attempt to speak the language and encourage their efforts. They pride their achievements in cuisine and their food is well known across the world such as famous dishes like pizza and pasta. Visiting Italy would be pointless if you did not try the food in the cafes at the side of the street. Having your friends with you would make the experience that much brighter and joyful.

For over 35 years S-Trip! has been a leader in student travel providing life-changing trips to over 40,000 students annually in over 40 destinations around the world. S-Trip! travelers are encouraged to become global citizens; opening their eyes to new cultures, languages, and experiences. Recently named Profit Magazine’s 25th fastest growing company in Canada, and recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte and CIBC, S-Trip! is a leader in student travel in North America. Find out more at www.s-trip.com.

S-Trip! takes student travellers on unforgettable adventures around the world. Celebrate the exciting conclusion of high school in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica or Bahamas with all your friends on Grad Trip. Spend a weekend skiing or snowboarding at one of Canada’s premier mountain resorts on Ski Trip. Experience culture, sightseeing and events in Montreal or Quebec City on Busaway. Make a difference in an underdeveloped country on an impactful student Volunteer Trip. Explore the culture and history of Europe on Euro Adventure. For more information visit www.s-trip.com.

Yours Sincerely,

Kiran Matharu

Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013

Pictures courtesy of pejmaneditions.com, firzworks.blogspot.ca,  globerove.com, and s-trip.com

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As humans we are compassionate beings that care deeply for the people closest to us. If my marketing company were given a $250 000 budget to create a 30 second commercial for Signature Towels I would focus on making an advertisment that not only suits the needs of the consumer but is also memorable.

Personalized towels make a very thoughtful gift as they show that someone has put a lot of thought into what they are sending you. There is a lot more sentiment attached to something that is personalized for you.

For children, a personalized item could also create an attachment. For little children, if they have a personalized bath towel, they will want to use it every time they bathe because it makes them feel special and unique.

In a family setting, a personalized bath towel is also a great gift for Mother’s Day when you may want to give your mother a spa day and even on birthdays. It’s a great gift for someone who’s going away such as on vacation or to university or college!

For this commercial, 5 actors will be required. A female adult to play the role of a mother, two young children, one male on female. Two teenagers to play the roles of the small children grown up.

Scene One:

The commercial opens up with a mother telling her kids that it’s bath time and we see a brother and sister run inside from the backyard as  the song “Mountain Sound – Of Monsters and Men” begins playing (instrumental or with the vocals). The scene cuts to the children grabbing their personalized bath towels with each of their names printed in the “kids” font that is avaliable. The little boys towel is Spruce coloured and the girls is Rose coloured.

Scene Two:

Opens up to the mother lying down in a reclining chair while her children treat her to an at home spa day. On a small table beside her is a “Bordeaux” coloured towel. The camera pans upon the towel that reads “We Love You” in and Edwardian font. We can assume her kids gave her the towel as a mother’s day gift or for a birthday along with a trip to the “spa”. The children are laughing and bustling about as the mother joins in with their laughter.

Scene Three:

We see a girl around the age of eighteen unpacking a suitcase in a dorm room from outside the door. We move in closer to see her face light up as she is going through the contents of her suitcase. The camera cuts to the inside of the suitcase where we find the same personalized bath towel from the first scene with the girl’s name on it. Attached to it is a card signed “From Mom and Dad” at the bottom. Tears well up in her eyes from the memories of being at home.

Scene Four:

We see the mother sitting in the living room on a couch. She appears to be sewng something into a pair of boxers as a laundry basket full of folded clothes sits beside her. As we move in closer we notice that she is sewing in the little boys name. The little boy, now a teenager walks in and stops when he sees what his mother is doing. The music abruptly stops as well and some dialogue begins between the two.

Son: MOM! What are you doing?

Mom: (turns towards son) Well, you always loved your Signature Towel so much I thought you would appreciate it if I put your name on some of your other stuff.

(There is a second of silence between the two before the son sighs out of embarassment walks out of the room. The mother continues personalizing his clothing. The music resumes from where it left off.)


After this scene, the commercial will cut to the Signature Towels logo and a narrator will say: “Signature Towels: The Perfect Gift for the Whole Family”

This commercial is great because it has a sentimental approach as well as a comedic approach which makes it memorable. It is also very family oriented and can suggest a gift idea for a loved one on various events throughout the year. Having messages as well as names also opens up the possibilities for personalized towel gifts and let’s the viewers know that.

Thank you to Signature Towels for sponsoring this blog assignment!


Yours Sincerely,

Kiran Matharu

Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared a poem with you all and I thought it was about time for another one. Interpret this poem however you wish for that is what poetry is for. Enjoy!

Secrets of the Willow

I sit beneath the willow tree.

The sun shines down upon the meadow,

But I’m in the shade

Protected from the harsh heat,

Protected from the burns of it’s glare.


My head leans back against the trunk.

I feel a branch caress my face.


Underneath the willow

The harsh winds become a soft gentle breeze.


I sit in a whole other world,

Full of warmth, comfort and bliss.

A world in which my secrets remain

Where I am free to speak what I wish,

To think what I please.


The long grass beneath my legs

Is a cushion,

Conforming to my every curve,

Making sure I am happy.


I water the tree,

Hoping to take care of it as it does me.

I listen to the whispers of the branches.


I listen to the long stories about its life,

I listen to the small worries of today,

I listen to its worries about the sun and the rain,

And the baby birds that have not yet learned to fly,

And the small tulips that are yet to blossom.


I immerse myself in this world,

Unwilling to leave,

Unable to leave,

It holds all my secrets,

And I hold all of its.

I have engulfed this world as my own

As if the branches of the willow have not only intertwined with my innards,

But have begun to blossom from my heart out of my chest

And wrap around the strong trunk of the willow

Protecting all our stories,

Protecting all our secrets,

Protecting our love.


The leaves have turned white

As if they were blossoms.


Sometimes I still hear the gasps of the people that walk by:

The children fearful of seeing such a display,

The adults unable to understand our world,

And those who were there to see it flourish.


But they mean nothing to me

Because me has finally become us

In our small secretive world behind the curtains of white

Our little secretive love affair.

By: Kiran Matharu


When I was younger, I was bullied. It carried on with me for a long time even when the bullies did not. Theatre and drama provided me with a whole new world, one where the bullying didn’t matter as much anymore. It was a place for me to find solace and comfort. I met people that changed my life for the better and made my days shine a little brighter. Drama is definitely a passion of mine, a very strong passion and I hope to remain intertwined with it for the rest of my life. It’s helped me become the person I am today: confident, creative and passionate.

I hope you all enjoyed this poem and were able to interpret it as whatever you wished. I hope you were able to escape to your own secretive world full of the people, places and things you love dearly. Let me know what you thought of the poem or your interpretation in the comments below. I love hearing from all of you!


Yours Sincerely,

Kiran Matharu

Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013

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Hamilton is home to a multitude of alluring waterfalls and breathtaking scenic views of mother nature – all of them unique and beautiful. From roaring waterfalls that gush to the ground to falls that gracefully dance over many rocks and ledges. Waterfalls are great places to visit as they are serene and help to refresh your mind and soul.

Albion Falls

Of all the falls I’ve been to, Albion Falls is my favourite of the many we have in Hamilton. I visited it last summer and was astounded by it’s beauty. It cascades over multiple ledges of rock and pools at the bottom where you can stand on large rocks to get the perfect view or the perfect photograph! It is a Complex Classic Cascade waterfall that is 19 metres in height and flows all year long. Recently, the city constructed two viewing platforms in 2005 making it much easier to view the falls. The falls are located on Mud St. in Hamilton, Ontario. They are magnificent and absolutely worth seeing!

Devil`s Punchbowl

Devil’s Punchbowl is another unique waterfall in Hamilton. It is 37 metres tall and classified as a Ribbon Waterfall. It varies from being a small trickle to a heavier flow after rainfalls and when the winter snow melts. There are many stories of how the waterfall recieved it’s name such as being named after the pails of home brew, which was bootlegged in the woods surrounding the falls. Another story is about how when the falls were found, people wanted to give credit to God for his beautiful work but thought that God wouldn’t want anything named after himself. Due to this, they decided to name it after the devil. The “punchbowl” part of the name refers to the shape of the rock formation that surrounds the falls.

Webster's Falls

Lastly, one of the most well known falls in Hamilton is Webster’s Falls. It is a Curtain Waterfall that is 22 metres in height with a crest of 24 metres. It is the largest waterfall in the Hamilton region. These falls were originally known as the Dr. Hamilton’s falls when Dr. James Hamilton purchased the land in 1818. The land was later purchased by Joseph Webster in 1820 and it is said that the Webster family manor still stands on Webster’s Falls Road.

The falls are also connected with a romantic legend of an Indian maiden named Na-Go-She-Onong (Evening Star  in the Ojibwe language). She fell in love with a white man who was killed by an envious Indian suitor. Na-Go-She-Onong is said to have taken the white man’s body and plunge into Webster’s Falls so she would not have to live without him. There is a poem about the young couple which you can read here.

I remember visiting the falls as a child and marvelling at the roaring waters and the gorgeous rocks that surrounded the falls. I also remember my uncle dropping our camera into the water and everyone rushing to grab it.

The waterfalls in Hamilton are a great place to visit either on your own or with your whole family. It’s a great trip either way – just be careful when taking pictures not to drop your camera into the water!

A special thank you goes out to Niagara Falls for sponsoring our second blog post for Miss Teen Canada-World.

Yours Sincerely,

Kiran Matharu

Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013

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Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always had this idea of “being green” thrown on me. I never truly understood how important being eco friendly was until recently.

Someone otter save these animals!

As a developed country, individuals in Canada have large ecological footprints, meaning we use and waste many resources, the same resources that many people in other countries don’t have. This affects our Earth negatively and this negative effect on the Earth in return has a negative effect on us. If we pollute our Earth, the food we eat and air we breathe will be polluted. Saving the Earth isn’t just about the trees, the plants and those cute little animals on the Dawn commercials: it’s about us.

Hamilton is starting to become a very eco friendly city in many ways. My old elementary school had implemented “litter-less lunches”, where we were required to bring a school to lunch that would have no garbage whatsoever on a daily basis. After researching a little bit more about my own city, I realized that there are many eco friendly buildings in the area too.

LEED is a certification program for the design, construction and operation of green buildings all across Canada. It has been running since 2002 and has changed the way buildings are made, whether it be small homes and buildings or neighbourhoods and communities. There are six key areas LEED certification focuses on:

  1. sustainable site development
  2. water efficiency
  3. energy efficiency
  4. materials and resources
  5. indoor environmental quality
  6. innovation and design process

In 2005, McMaster University developed a sustainable building policy stating that every new building that was to be built on campus would have a minimum of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Certification. It is the first Ontario University to do so!

The first building to be LEED certified was the Les Prince Hall Building. There are six other buildings that are LEED certified at the campus including the David Braley Athletic Centre, the Burke Science Building, the Engineering Technology Building, the Ron Joyce Centre, the C.E. Burke Science Building and the Nuclear Research Building. There are six other buildings that McMaster has targeted to make LEED certified!

Les Prince Hall at McMaster

The Les Prince Hall Building is a student residence meant to reduce environmental impacts and to have a great atmosphere for the studying and living of the 389 students this building can house. Indoor air quality, energy conservation and water conservation were heavily taken into consideration during the designing process. This building saves 32% in energy savings and 49% in water savings!

Features that help in making this building so environmentally friendly and LEED certified are the low-flow plumbing fixtures, well-insulated building shell with high performance windows, heat recovery on all make up air units, variable speed drives on all pumps, occupancy sensors for lighting, the use of recycled and regional materials, low off-gassing finishes and many daylight and outdoor views.

The windows on this building state to be “high performance” but what exactly does that mean? Regular windows tend to lose up to 30% of the total heat loss of an average home. High performance windows tackle this issue and use many features to prevent heat loss. One of these features is glazing, which using multiple layers of glass to prevent heat loss. Another is gas fills, where the spaces between the glazing of the windows are filled with gases such as Argon that are poor heat conductors. Insulating spacers further enhance the windows using special insulaters rather than metal strips to separate the glass glazing. Lastly, the frame that is used to make the window is also just as important as the glass itself. Frames with high insulation value and low maintenance are the best choices.

Another asset to the efficiency of this building are the occupancy sensors for lighting. We see this kind of lighting a lot outside of homes where the light will turn on when it senses motion. Lighting like this isn’t just restricted to turning on and off though. Occupancy sensored lighting can also dim when it does not sense the presence of someone. This type of lighting is very efficient as no one can forget to turn off the lights or the lights do not have to be left on in the hallways or common areas. Typically, in larger buildings meant for schooling or businesses, lights tend to be left on in the hallways overnight. With occupancy sensored lights, this can be avoided as well where the light will either dim or turn off completely to save power.

The Les Prince Hall follows all six criteria for a LEED certified building! Not only is it energy efficient, but recycled materials have been used to build it and it has a great indoor environment for all the students that live there. It is definitely a great example of being environmentally friendly.

LEED stats of the Les Prince Hall Building

Another great building in Hamilton is the EcoHouse. It is not LEED certified, but it raises awareness about being eco friendly and holds workshops for this cause. They display environmental technologies from the past, present and what could be possible in the future. They also have a community garden and hold local art exhibits. You can learn more about the EcoHouse here.

McMaster really has taken a LEED in an eco friendly Hamilton and I hope that many will follow in it’s great example. Not taking care of our Earth properly is like walking outside in the cold winter months without a coat or jacket on. If we don’t take care of our Earth, it’s going to affect us in the long run! I find it amazing that McMaster has become so dedicated to the LEED certification program and has so many buildings on campus that are already LEED certified and many more to come! I’ve actually chosen McMaster as the university I am attending next year and the fact that they are so environmentally friendly makes me want to go that much more! I hope that many other buildings and universities all across Canada try their best to be more eco friendly.

This environmental assignment blog post is sponsored by Tiocoat flat roof. The Toronto based roofing supply company makes a white roof or rubber roof coating that is guaranteed to last for the life of the building! Check out their website at tiocoat.com for more information.

Yours Sincerely, 

Kiran Matharu

Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013

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Recently, a man from Ancaster went missing after he went on a a test drive with two men who wanted to buy his truck off of Kijiji. For days his wife, his two-year old daughter, his family and his friends all awaited his safe arrival. It never came.

Tim Bosma was recently found dead by the Hamilton police. His remains had been burned.

Two men  have stripped a wife of her husband, a two-year-old baby girl of her father, two parents of their loving  son and many friends and family of an individual for whom they cared for.

What was his mistake? Tim Bosma did nothing out of the ordinary to deserve such a thing. He was just the average man trying to sell his truck on Kijiji.

It’s a sad day when events like this one take place. Events that are unnecessary and inhumane. If there is one thought that won’t leave my mind, it is of his two year old daughter. I have a three year old sister who I love very dearly and it hurts me to think of what this young girl has to go through. How will she understand what has just happened? How will she cope with growing up knowing her father was taken away from her in such a way?

My condolences go out to Tim Bosma’s family and I pray that events like this dont happen in the future.


Yours Sincerely,


Kiran Matharu

Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013

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I love challenges. If there is one thing I always strive to do, it’s to challenge myself. Challenges help us to grow as individuals and be prepared for whatever may come our way. As a musician and an actress, challenging myself meant becoming a better artist and being able to express myself more fluently. The wonderful thing about challenge as an actress or a musician was that there was no such thing as reaching utter perfection. You may be able to perform a monologue or a solo with great execution and  perfect technique, but at the end of the day there’s always another interpretation you could have had; another approach, another point of view. That’s the magic of it: never being able to reach perfection but still being able to be at the top of your game.

For the past few months, I didn’t feel at the top of my game. I had sandwiched myself in a world of stress and dissapointment. At first it felt as if all was hopeless and life was looking a little lacklustre. I felt as if I was in a tunnel with no sign of the light at the end.

As a grade 12 student, I knew it was time to make a lifelong decision: post-secondary education. I applied to universities and hoped for the best. The only problem was that my marks from my first semester weren’t up to par and definitely did not represent me as a student. At that moment, I had a decision to make: was I going to hope for the best with my current marks or was I going to go back and fix the mistakes I knew shouldn’t have been there in the first place?

If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s giving up. Giving up is losing but it’s the worst kind because you’re losing against yourself. I decided that taking on seven courses in one semester to patch up my mistakes was the best choice for me. All or nothing, right? I had nothing to lose at this point. So along with taking on the responsibility of my extracurriculars, volunteering and the pageant, I also had to handle seven courses.

"adding more to the list than I could check off"

I became so busy that I lost touch with myself and who I was. Essentially, I had become the stress that taunted me.  I always had a checklist of things to do and was constantly adding more to the list than I was checking off. I kept pushing through though because the one thing I didn’t want to do was give up.

In the end (well, almost the end) it’s really all worth it. Not only are my marks up where I know they should be, but I also know that I’m prepared to take on stress and I’ve learned to manage having a busy schedule. It’s one challenge I will always admire because it is one that has challenged me to stretch to reach my full potential. Just like music and acting, I don’t think I have reached utter perfect but I am definitely at the top of my game. I finally feel back to normal and like my old, cheerful, peppy self and I can’t wait to keep moving forward. I also think it’s time to get back to writing a little more poetry and doing a lot more artwork to rekindle the creative spark in me.



Yours Sincerely,

Kiran Matharu

Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013

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I just wanted to dedicate a lovely blog post to all my sponsors so far. I am very lucky to have received the sponsors I have and am very grateful for their love and support. Take a look below and read all about all the wonderful people willing to sponsor me and what they can offer you!

Jeffery Bridal by Merike

First off, PROM is coming up soon and for all you lovely ladies out there that need dresses be sure to visit Jeffery Bridal at 544 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON. Call to make an appointment at (905) 388-8080  and you can also visit their website at jefferybridalbymerike.com. The service there is great and not only did I get my prom dress from there, but also my pageant dress!!! The staff is very kind and welcoming.


If you happen to be craving some frozen yogurt, drop by CC Swirls! A new location just recently opened up on the corner of Hwy 8 and Centennial Pkwy near Value Village and Rock Universe at 826 Queenston Rd., Stoney Creek, ON.  Visit their website at http://www.ccswirls.com. They’re really well priced and the interior of their frozen yogurt store is absolutely gorgeous!

Tip Top Auto Body and Repair Inc is a great place for all your car needs! It’s at 350 Sherman Ave. N. Hamilton, ON. Call them at 905-547-5000 if you would like more information on their services. Their fax number is 905-524-3355. Please contact them if you ever need any repairs done to your car!

Lastly, I would like to thank all my other sponsors, such as Mr. Wayne Marston from the NDP who was kind enough to give me a personal sponsorship, and my friends and family who are willing to support me in proceeding to the national competition.

If you are interested in sponsoring me or would like to know more about sponsorships and what they are, please feel free to comment below or email me at missteenhamiltonworld2013@hotmail.com . If you have any other questions, comments, concerns or ideas please let me know in the comments and I will get back to you!


Yours Sincerely,

Kiran Matharu

Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013

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Life gave me lemons


First, He threw them at my body.

Blue and purple bruises

Artistically painted onto my skin.


He caressed his knife

And then drove it through

The soft skin of the lemon,

Its sour juice spraying the blade.


With ease, He then swept his blade

Across my cheek.

The lemon  juice stinging my skin

As deep, scarlet droplets

Spread across the floor.


He picked up half of his lemon

And squeezed it into my right eye,

Then my left.

As I cried tears full of faith

and devotion.


He sat there and watched

As the juice trickled down my cheek

Into my raw cut.


he took a hold of a lemon,

Gently stroking my bruises

With tender love and affection,

Before threateningly lifting his hand

Causing me to flinch.


he dropped the lemon

And let it roll across the floor.


life gave me lemons

So I made lemon meringue pie

By: Kiran Matharu



Hi everyone, I thought I would do something a little “untraditional” and put up a poem that I have written. This poem is based on the famous quote that says, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Why would you make lemonade when you can make something so much better?

There are going to be many events in our lives that challenge us and continually beat us down. Our real challenge is not whether or not we can make it through those ordeals, but rather to find the rays of light that shine down on us in those troubled times, no matter how sparse that light is. It’s really difficult to see the bright side of things at times, but the bright side is always there. Sometimes we just have to look a bit harder to notice it and let it flourish.



Yours Sincerely,

Kiran Matharu

Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013

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"Winning the Crown"

Hi everyone! My name is Kiran Matharu and I recently won the title of Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013 at the Miss Teen Ontario-World provincials. I am a seventeen year old girl who is very passionate about the arts! I love all kinds of art: writing, painting, drawing, music, and most of all, acting. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamt of performing on stage.  The bright stage lights shining down on me as I walked in someone else’s shoes taking on a whole new life. Unfortunately, my shy character became an obstacle to my dream.

Confidence is an extremely important asset to me, especially after experiencing the life of the “quiet girl” who couldn’t speak her mind. Confidence gives a person so much more than just the ability to speak in front of crowds. It opens up new opportunities and helps you to meet new people because you’re finally not afraid to dive headfirst into a new possibility.

Drama class and the people who I surrounded myself with in that room really changed the way I looked at myself. They pushed my limits and made me look past my tiny box of a comfort zone. I was able to open up to new people and introduce myself to new experiences.

"My hair was too long"

It was also in that same Drama room that I found out what beauty really was. I used to be extremely cautious about the way I looked: my height was too short, my hair was too long and I didn’t feel pretty. It was the people I surrounded myself with that let me see that everyone is beautiful in their own way. As everyone noticed their flaws, I saw their perfections. I soon noticed that we are much quicker to notice our shortcomings rather than our strong points (Click here for a video about how we view ourselves versus how others view us). It’s much easier to list off five negative qualities about ourselves rather than five positive ones. Biologically we’re dealt a set of cards and the truth is, we can’t change the cards we’re dealt, but we can control how we play them. It’s not only how we look on the outside, but also how we treat others and carry ourselves, our beauty within.

To this day, when I think of the two most beautiful women I have ever met, they are both women who are confident, strong and inspiring. They are both larger women but I have never met more beautiful individuals. They are kind individuals that know how to light up a room with their presence and treat all individuals with respect, no matter their appearance, race, sexual orientation or anything else that may set them apart. They are beautiful people both inside and out to the fullest extent.

My platform for the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant is Youth Suicide. It is judgments based on things such as appearance, race, and sexual orientation that may cause individuals to feel the need to go to such extremes and take their own lives. Youth suicide is the second leading cause of death in the youth of Canada. It’s time that we take action and reduce such a huge issue. Issues such as bullying, low self-esteem, depression and societal pressures are just some of the things that contribute to the rate of youth suicide. As Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013 I want to address this issue and help many young women and men overcome any negative feelings they may have. My goal through the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant is to help make a positive difference in the lives of others and I hope that you will all support me in my journey!


If you have any questions or concerns regarding what I have written in this blog post, including anything that may have offended you in any manner, please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section. Feel free to ask any questions you’d like. Hoping to hear from you!


Kiran Matharu

Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013

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