A pageant is the glitz, it is the glamour, but anyone who says that a pageant is completely superficial has only experienced the pageants they see on TV and pageant fail videos on YouTube. A pageant is a journey for a girl to see the world from a new light and to be able to show who she is as an individual to the world. She’s not just the body walking down the runway or the smile on top of a long flowy dress, she’s also the helping hand volunteering in her community and the mind searching for a brighter tomorrow.

My journey has been an amazing one. I’ve been through ups and downs but I’m glad I held through it all. I have learned so much not only about who I am but also about how to present myself in a professional manner. The pageant has given me skills on and off stage that I will carry with me throughout my life.

I lived in Toronto for a week and visited many different places along with many other girls, all of whom were kind, caring, intelligent and proactive citizens. I was able to volunteer in my community speaking at elementary schools and conferences, at the Mid Summer’s Dream Festival in Gage Park, fundraising for a couple charities, performing at a coffee house supporting the LGBTQA community and at various other events. I was able to spread awareness of my platform on Youth Suicide where young people who have so much life and opportunity in front of them choose to take their lives. If you are a friend of anyone who is thinking of taking their lives, young or old, please do contact someone for help right away as suicidal thoughts and self-harm behaviours should not be taken lightly.

Tonight, I was given the honour of crowning some of the various girls at the Miss Teenage Ontario pageant and saw myself in them, exactly where I was a year ago. A tiny girl finding herself in a new world just waiting to blossom. Tonight, I felt that I had blossomed. Through this pageant experience I have been able to make new sisters, to learn to be poised, proper and also be playful, and have been able to show my confidence and plant my roots of confidence stronger in the ground as I keep reaching for the sky. I can’t wait for all these girls to be able to find themselves and to be able to move on to bigger and better. I hope that they are all able to raise awareness for their platforms and advance at nationals. Always shine your brightest girls!!!

I’d like to thank Michelle Weswaldi and her whole team of choreographers, organizers, chaperones and everyone else who made this pageant happen. I’d also love to thank her for encouraging girls to “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful,” especially on behalf of girls like me who are 5 feet short and feel as if they have no place in the fashion world.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all my sponsors for all the help they have given me whether it had been financial or inkind sponsorships. Without them, I wouldn’t have even been able to dream of attending the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant. The team at Jeffery Bridal was amazing at putting together my amazing dress for nationals, mainly Merike who was the main hand in designing and creating the masterpiece which you can see in the background of this photo. It was a gorgeous gown inspired by the Indian Sari. Thank you so much Merike for making my dream dress come true. She is definitely a talented woman.

My gorgeous gown for nationals

In addition to Merike, I’d like to thank all the other people who have helped me throughout my journey including Mr. Bhogal, owner of BSB Manufacturing, Wayne Martson from the NDP, Orchard Park Secondary School, Maria Pearson,┬áTip Top Auto Body and Repair Inc, and all my other friends and family. In addition to sponsors, I’d like to thank everyone who aided me in fundraising and donated items for a raffle such as Shoppers Drug Mart located at Queenston and Worsley, Curves located right next to the Shoppers Drug Mart, McDonald’s, Oracle Hair Studio & Spa located on Queenston between Fruitland and Dewitt, Tim Hortons and The Village restaurant located on King St. near Lake Avenue.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all of you that get to the end of my blogposts and read every last word. No amount of money or glitz could ever replace what you all have given me.

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