Hamilton is home to a multitude of alluring waterfalls and breathtaking scenic views of mother nature – all of them unique and beautiful. From roaring waterfalls that gush to the ground to falls that gracefully dance over many rocks and ledges. Waterfalls are great places to visit as they are serene and help to refresh your mind and soul.

Albion Falls

Of all the falls I’ve been to, Albion Falls is my favourite of the many we have in Hamilton. I visited it last summer and was astounded by it’s beauty. It cascades over multiple ledges of rock and pools at the bottom where you can stand on large rocks to get the perfect view or the perfect photograph! It is a Complex Classic Cascade waterfall that is 19 metres in height and flows all year long.┬áRecently, the city constructed two viewing platforms in 2005 making it much easier to view the falls. The falls are located on Mud St. in Hamilton, Ontario. They are magnificent and absolutely worth seeing!

Devil`s Punchbowl

Devil’s Punchbowl is another unique waterfall in Hamilton. It is 37 metres tall and classified as a Ribbon Waterfall. It varies from being a small trickle to a heavier flow after rainfalls and when the winter snow melts. There are many stories of how the waterfall recieved it’s name such as being named after the pails of home brew, which was bootlegged in the woods surrounding the falls. Another story is about how when the falls were found, people wanted to give credit to God for his beautiful work but thought that God wouldn’t want anything named after himself. Due to this, they decided to name it after the devil. The “punchbowl” part of the name refers to the shape of the rock formation that surrounds the falls.

Webster's Falls

Lastly, one of the most well known falls in Hamilton is Webster’s Falls. It is a Curtain Waterfall that is 22 metres in height with a crest of 24 metres. It is the largest waterfall in the Hamilton region. These falls were originally known as the Dr. Hamilton’s falls when Dr. James Hamilton purchased the land in 1818. The land was later purchased by Joseph Webster in 1820 and it is said that the Webster family manor still stands on Webster’s Falls Road.

The falls are also connected with a romantic legend of an Indian maiden named Na-Go-She-Onong (Evening Star ┬áin the Ojibwe language). She fell in love with a white man who was killed by an envious Indian suitor. Na-Go-She-Onong is said to have taken the white man’s body and plunge into Webster’s Falls so she would not have to live without him. There is a poem about the young couple which you can read here.

I remember visiting the falls as a child and marvelling at the roaring waters and the gorgeous rocks that surrounded the falls. I also remember my uncle dropping our camera into the water and everyone rushing to grab it.

The waterfalls in Hamilton are a great place to visit either on your own or with your whole family. It’s a great trip either way – just be careful when taking pictures not to drop your camera into the water!

A special thank you goes out to Niagara Falls for sponsoring our second blog post for Miss Teen Canada-World.

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Kiran Matharu

Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013

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