I love challenges. If there is one thing I always strive to do, it’s to challenge myself. Challenges help us to grow as individuals and be prepared for whatever may come our way. As a musician and an actress, challenging myself meant becoming a better artist and being able to express myself more fluently. The wonderful thing about challenge as an actress or a musician was that there was no such thing as reaching utter perfection. You may be able to perform a monologue or a solo with great execution and  perfect technique, but at the end of the day there’s always another interpretation you could have had; another approach, another point of view. That’s the magic of it: never being able to reach perfection but still being able to be at the top of your game.

For the past few months, I didn’t feel at the top of my game. I had sandwiched myself in a world of stress and dissapointment. At first it felt as if all was hopeless and life was looking a little lacklustre. I felt as if I was in a tunnel with no sign of the light at the end.

As a grade 12 student, I knew it was time to make a lifelong decision: post-secondary education. I applied to universities and hoped for the best. The only problem was that my marks from my first semester weren’t up to par and definitely did not represent me as a student. At that moment, I had a decision to make: was I going to hope for the best with my current marks or was I going to go back and fix the mistakes I knew shouldn’t have been there in the first place?

If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s giving up. Giving up is losing but it’s the worst kind because you’re losing against yourself. I decided that taking on seven courses in one semester to patch up my mistakes was the best choice for me. All or nothing, right? I had nothing to lose at this point. So along with taking on the responsibility of my extracurriculars, volunteering and the pageant, I also had to handle seven courses.

"adding more to the list than I could check off"

I became so busy that I lost touch with myself and who I was. Essentially, I had become the stress that taunted me.  I always had a checklist of things to do and was constantly adding more to the list than I was checking off. I kept pushing through though because the one thing I didn’t want to do was give up.

In the end (well, almost the end) it’s really all worth it. Not only are my marks up where I know they should be, but I also know that I’m prepared to take on stress and I’ve learned to manage having a busy schedule. It’s one challenge I will always admire because it is one that has challenged me to stretch to reach my full potential. Just like music and acting, I don’t think I have reached utter perfect but I am definitely at the top of my game. I finally feel back to normal and like my old, cheerful, peppy self and I can’t wait to keep moving forward. I also think it’s time to get back to writing a little more poetry and doing a lot more artwork to rekindle the creative spark in me.



Yours Sincerely,

Kiran Matharu

Miss Teen Hamilton Region-World 2013

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